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From the Collection

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We invite our site visitors and fellow collectors to participate in our ongoing quest for information concerning fakelite jewelry. You may use our  guestbook for posting comments and questions. We also will upload your fakelite photos on this page, our Fakelite Photo Gallery. Please see details~ click here.

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Fakelite End of Day / Zig Zag Bangle

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Reversed Carved Fakelite Bangle

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Bakelite Swirl VS Fakelite

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Fakelite Beads
Using a Black Light

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Fakelite Carved Bow Tie Bangle (Yellow Spots)
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Octagon Shaped Dull Fakelite Bangle
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Bakelite Bangle Graining VS Fakelite
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Fake Snake~Inventor of Fakelite?
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Recent Fakelite Sightings!
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More Info

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