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extrabig.gif (4587 bytes)I shop at flea markets, antiques shows and antique stores 1-3 times a week. I regularly shop in Chicago, Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana, North Carolina, Miami, Michigan and NYC. MANY pieces of Fakelite have been spotting in quality antique stores. There is a lot of it out there. Some reputable dealers are selling it. I do not believe that it is intentional fraud. Many antique dealers who offer Bakelite do not necessarily specialize in Bakelite, so they are unaware of fakelite. It is important to remember that most antique dealers get their items the same way YOU do, from estate sales, auctions, flea markets, other dealers, and eBay! It is ignorant to work under the assumption that you cannot buy fakelite from a reputable dealer, you can certainly do so. The nature of the transaction (honest mistake or dishonesty) does not alter the fact that you have just spent your hard earned money on a worthless fake!
Remember the Three BsBe Cautious, Be inquisitive, Be Smart!

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I am of the opinion that eBay should take steps to protect the integrity of the vintage, retro / bakelite, plastic category. It's a shame that some sellers are being allowed to offer up FAKELITE jewelry in this category.

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